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Pilates for the People Classes

Rise & Shine

Early morning rise & shine class to get ready for your day. Ease into your day with breathwork, invigorating movement, and gentle stretches.

55 minutes / Props are optional but encouraged: a yoga block & a long band

Work Sh*t Out

This express lunchtime Pilates class is a speedy half-hour of core conditioning, isometric holding, and working sh*t out through movement.

30 minutes / Props are optional but encouraged: a yoga block & a long band

Healthy Spines

Build a healthy spinal support system while experiencing in-depth embodied anatomy for your mental and physical wellbeing.

55 minutes / Props are optional, but encouraged: 1-2 yoga blocks & small massage ball.

Functional Conditioning for Dancers

This class is for professional movement artists with a foundation of anatomical knowledge. This class offers Pilates based somatic exploration and investigation of the body.

1hour / Props of your choice are optional.

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Every session focuses on breath, core engagement, length, and strength while building healthy movement patterns.

A growing list of videos includes workouts from our comprehensive programs:

Hip Revolution - Hip Mobility, Strengthening, & Balance

Build Back Better - Strong & Supple Backs

Sidewayz Summer - Deep Dive into Side Planking

they said

"I feel so much stronger and agile after taking their classes consistently. It really improves my stamina when I take boxing or other high intensity classes and feel like the risk of injury is decreased as well. They're just awesome people. I would highly recommend them!" - Christina